University of Vermont Nephrology Fellowship

The Nephrology faculty are the primary clinical providers for patients with renal diseases, fluid and electrolyte disorders, and complicated hypertension in Vermont and upstate New York. Patients are seen in consultation as inpatients, or in our outpatient clinic, located at the UHC Campus of UVM Medical Center.

In our outpatient clinic, both new and long-term followup visits, spanning over 30 years of patient care, occur five days a week. Our inpatient clinical activity includes all patients admitted to the Nephrology faculty and patients seen in consultation on other services.

We provide hemodialysis therapy, either at home or in one of our six dialysis centers in the state, and peritoneal dialysis for patients with end-stage renal disease. For patients with acute renal failure, we provide continuous venovenous renal replacement therapy in addition to hemodialysis and isolated ultrafiltration.

247215gme_contactus_button4.jpgOur kidney transplant program, run in conjunction with the department of Surgery, has been active since 1972, and all patients who have received transplants are followed in the Nephrology clinic. In addition, we recently started our pancreas transplant program for patients with diabetes.

In conjunction with the departments of Surgery and Radiology, we have an active program for the management of renovascular hypertension. The unit is internationally recognized for its expertise in fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base disorders, and is nationally known for its expertise in managing renovascular disease.


Alan Segal, M.D.
Program Director