University of Vermont Dental Residency

The University of Vermont dental residency program is one year, and it is fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation as part of the American Dental Association. Our affiliation with the University of Vermont College of Medicine provides the vital academic grounding for educating our residents, while the sponsorship of UVM Medical Center (formerly the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont) affords both institutional context and a modern workplace.

Dental Residency Rotations
Contact the Program CoordinatorOur residents perform comprehensive dental care in several locations using the latest dental materials and techniques -- beginning with a five-month rotation through The Dental Center. UVM dental residents will then rotate to the Medical Center Campus at UVM Medical Center for three months, continuing with a three- month rural rotation through a health center in Plainfield, Vermont, a two-week rotation with the Anesthesia Department, and a two-week rotation with the Emergency Department.

Through this exposure, dental residents have exposure to complex oral surgery cases performed in the operating room and taking emergency call allows dental residents to become proficient in treating any dental emergency.

The training dental residents receive from The University of Vermont and UVM Medical Center allows them to leave her with the education and experience to treat their dental patients in private practice or to excel in a specialty training program.

If you would like more information on our dental residency program, please contact our program coordinator for more information or apply today.

Janet T. Miccolo, D.D.S.
Clinical Assistant Professor
Residency Program Director